"Not every career move is remembered so fondly. On the topic of Chaotic, the 2005 documentary that granted unprecedented access to her marriage to Federline, she says: “I would never do something like that again.” She purses her lips. It looks as if this is the first time she’s considered Chaotic in many years. “Actually, that was really bad,” she decides. “That was probably the worst thing I’ve done in my career.”
When I ask if that includes Crossroads – her not-exactly-Oscar-winning 2002 film – she looks suddenly outraged and clutches her hand to her heart. “No!” she shouts, springing to life. “I like Crossroads! F— you!”"

— Britney Spears (x)
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this time we didn’t make any wishes for the future, we said goodbye to our past. now none of us has any idea where life’s gonna take us, cause what we have is now. and right now, we have each other.
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